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Fluids of the seeds of the earth, water, plants, animals, and the other arch-hemispheric beings are what give life to humanity. Then one asks: What is fluid?; Fluid is a living being that gives the effect and the cause of matter, because there is no effect without cause. That is the reason one says that the fluid gives life because life without the fluid would not exist. It is because of the fluid that life exists. The fluid is an animated being, constituted by the action which gives origin to things.

One sees and feels its effects, it is an invisible being as are the other fluids of the seeds of these seven parts which are the cause and origin of the human being. It is a being that proceeds from the seeds that produce and organize life. In order not to talk of fluids, you talk of seeds.

All the microbes which composed the human beings were made by the fluids. The microbe is originated from the fluid and the fluid is the animating being of the microbe.

The Magnetic force is a fluid that hypnotizes. It magnetizes by means of the fluid. Fluid of the day electric. Fluid of the night magnetic. The positive with the negative, then there is the evil and the good fluid which is the consequence of the sulfuric life of the sulfurous beings originated from the fluids from this condensation that composes this microbian mass which originated from the animating fluids.

The mass of carbon which is your origin is a different life, inferior to the fluid that is superior to the material being who are the consequences of the fluids. The shadow is the effect of the visible body. The body is the shadow of the fluid. The fluid is the shadow and the effect of the organic beings. The organic beings are the shadow of the before being. The before being is the shadow of that which you were. The shadow of that which you were is the shadow of that which you had been. The shadow of that which you had been is the shadow of where you came out from and the shadow of where you came out from is from the pure and clean bodies without defects

And why have you taken this way? By the simple will to improve the part which was not ready to enter in progress. You went on progressing and until today you keep up this progress of destruction and with long strides all are going backwards, not arriving to the extinction because coming in a little while is the eternal salvation through the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. Who are you, that the illusion is such, incapable of defining your "I "and it is in order to know the definition of the "I" and the you, that are electric and magnetic apparatuses formed by this electric and magnetic nature that causes you to be like a machine with its motor. And thus being, the head is a clock which receives the electric and magnetic fluids that are the thoughts. The "I" is the home of the fluids. The evil thoughts are irradiated from the magnetic part; the good thoughts are of the electric influence. You are electric and magnetic apparatuses that pick up all the intuitions all the communications which are the thoughts and every idea. All are electric and magnetic apparatuses formed by this nature that is an electric magnetic assembly. For that reason thought does not stop as it is irradiating with these two currents.

In the fluid is the most powerful force in the Universe, which is the assembly of fluids generated from these seven parts and the consequence of this formation.


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